Cypher Sessions poetry 2023: Wise Rune Day

By Daniel Paiz

Inspiration comes in many forms, and Cypher Sessions begins the 2023 year with some poetry, courtesy of the piece entitled Wise Rune Day. This piece is a reflection slash a compilation of words after watching an extremely popular Netflix show (you might’ve guessed it by now). There’s more going on in that show than I thought there’d be, which I definitely appreciate.

The words are a bit abstract, par the course for this writer before you. Essentially this is a piece to get the creative juices flowing. Hopefully you enjoy, and if not, at least it’ll be something you didn’t encounter elsewhere today.

Wise Rune Day

Sheathed gore in that poetic irony,

In Nevermore a cracked cardia ceased to beat,

but if you’re a Goody then I apologize like an Addams,

glare after the fact

because before it’s up and at them,

tricked because of how the pieces dropped,

role reversal observed via corvine seer,

riddles back again in rhythm,

for only some it appears,

“howdy Pilgrim” can be taken back,

from cowboys thieving sounds 

like big stars demanding per diems,

like 1692 hamlets cursing kids screaming,

demeaning it is to hear damaged souls damned,  

yet refreshing,

justice isn’t blindly bleeding.


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