NaPoWriMo 2023 Poem 21: Virtual Coach

By Daniel Paiz

NaPoWriMo seems like a breeze once the anniversary piece is completed and posted, and it’s hard to say why. Perhaps it’s the realization that there’s less than 10 days left, or maybe it’s just the start of another year so things feel fresher. In any case, back at it again like we never left, throwing out some words to tell a story of some kind.

If you ever watch a basketball game with me, this is what you’ll likely here and see.

Virtual Coach

“Keep moving the ball,

make the defense have to move and not settle,”

repeating this again and again

as if the guys on the tube can hear me,

how mental.

“Guard the three, don’t foul,

pressure, pressure the ball, let’s go!”

imagine sitting next to this watching a show about an orange globe,

dealing with the ramblings of a virtual coach,

clearly a junkie of the game,

yet old school so never pays attention to advanced analytics,

good passes and don’t turn the ball over,

paired with getting boards and hitting free throws

is the quintessential makeup of this ball spirit.

The good news is,

he’ll tell you good job like he does,

Murray, Porter Jr, and Jokic,

at times slightly losing his voice cheering,

and pointing out what the players likely see better,

transporting his self to the sideline area for coaches that’s restricted.

Admit it,

this guy has gotta take a break away and find a hobby in something else,

latest report is,

he’ll do so in the offseason,

outside of the draft, summer league, FIBA and Olympics…welp.


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