About the creator of Cypher Sessions

What’s good everyone, my name is Daniel Paiz and I have finished up my B.A. in International Affairs here at CU-Boulder, also known as the University of Colorado at Boulder (GO BUFFS!). I have been a lifelong Hip Hop fan, reciting every line I heard on the radio at the young age of 8, and writing rhymes and flows since the tumultuous age of 13. I’m an Emcee, as well as a poet, baller (of the basketball variety, not that hip-pop BS), and a musician (among other things). Alright that was too many parentheses. However, what’s important to note is that I am also a proud Colorado native, born out of a place better than no other, the Mile High City! Or, for those of you NOT familiar with my state, Denver. The goal of Cypher Sessions is best stated in our 1st blog entry ever, but let me tell you the short version: we plan on showing how positive and fantastic Hip Hop is, and how it can be utilized as a tool, and also how we plan on using it as a tool. So, sit back, relax, scroll to your heart’s content, because Cypher Sessions is here to help you discover an angle on Hip Hop you haven’t seen before! As always, Thank You for checking us out, and please share us with everyone you know. Peace, and Much Love!

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