The State of Hip Hop Today, In Free Form Verse

In case you didn’t hear there’s something that we would like to do, in the newest issue of Cypher Sessions currently being read by you,
Whether you call it Free form verse or Hip Hop rhymes, we would like to address the state of Hip Hop today and give some of our insights,
Along with this will also be some personal anecdotes, about various things such as our own hustle and flow,
How we’ve worked on our own come up for so long, and started writing years ago,
So without further ado, let us begin and observe what it is that we’ve been recently discussing.

The first biggest trend that we’ve been noticing in some music recently put out, is how artists think the fans don’t know what they’re talking about,
About how the fans don’t deserve to hear their latest, how the artist is still misunderstood and so is their solidified greatness, sad jay z
How can you expect me to relate to any words that you say, when you stopped being real with me years ago from this day,
And other artists complain about how they just wanna disappear, life is so difficult for them and etcetera,
How difficult can it be when you aren’t worrying about your bills, you’re biggest concern is if you still wanna watch the muted film up on your reel,
But for real it’s getting hard as a member of the public, to continue to hear all of these complaints and not have an upset stomach,
Churning these expectations of those who have already made it, with the struggle of us over here still trying to raise the,
flag of our own team higher than the rest of the spam out on the internet waves, where it’s simply a perspective out there we wanna portray,
where it’s simply working hard all day to get some piece of bread,
consume it to survive the next day while we hustle to receive that next daily allotment,
Sometimes ya gotta toast it or add some flavors not kept in high supply,
but you appreciate the condiments around you because you know each day you’re getting closer to some slivered piece of pie,

Other pictures we want to paint are not simply repeating the sterile, it wasn’t feral art but it’s not Picasso and Mozart,
We want to hear some Jose Marti spoken by Celia Cruz, along with unknown artists from Oaxaca, Lebanon and the outskirts of Tibet and Peru,
People want to dig like Dreyer at Abydos to find pictures not readily understood, hieroglyphics tablet
but to be deciphered in any way one can,
much like Neruda and Del Toro, who’s strangely in Hollywood,
Like the Pacific Rim there’s a fire of activity around what’s thought to be hot, Well that’s not Hip Hop in essence simply because of a few names, unfortunately it is in modern media and talking circles today,
Because everyone follows the words of others and doesn’t figure out what they actually want to state,
our strongest tools are our voices, and it’s been years since we sharpened up that extremely dull blade,

We instead like to jab it into the sides of others, that we really care about,
We bicker and struggle with each other, while those powers at be simply watch by and make sure no one’s words stand out,
If there’s unity that’s trouble, organizing in public is now being considered illegal activity,
it’s unpatriotic to place the Patriot Act upon you and me to withdraw our rights mandatorily,
But that’s another post for another day, we’ve kind of strayed from simply focusing on Hip Hop today,
Or have we stayed on track because that’s also where we find the art form and culture today,
SO many things have been rescinded or mishandled with little care,
that what is still respected and utilized isn’t given coverage today,
So what we are trying to say on the state of Hip Hop in a hopefully poetic way,
Is that remembering our foundations is essential, while evolving and recreating the message that one works to display,
So if you enjoyed this entry, and understood what we rattled off in this way,
then share with others you may think don’t think from a similar space,
Share with those you believe would appreciate what was placed above today,
And leave comments and feedback, as well as what you are interested to read about and see the next time you open up our page.

Thank You & Peace


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