Three Thoughts (Day 3 of NaPoWriMo 30 for 30)

Hopefully everyone has been reading and checking out all of the great poetry that has been written over the past three days! As day three has come, we have another piece to share, one that may differ from the others, or may not. Read on to find out!

I remember when

church on Good Friday was the norm,

writing was for a grade and

there really wasn’t such a thing as a mark lower than a B.

I remember when

sports and music were a daily ritual,

each being a reprieve from daily occurrences,

although school, studying, practice, and

going to bed at a decent hour

were looked forward to, and

genuinely accepted.

Today I

reflect on a past nostalgic

only because it was better than today,

but also simply exist in the present,

oddly disgruntled,

at how content I am feeling,

at the daily schedule that is to be followed,

to exist, and

little else.

Tomorrow I

hope to actually be living,

so that the past will not be repeated,

nostalgic because the present day,

is not panning out,

how I said it would.

I will remember that

I had set goals,

I knew quite a bit and,

there was a lot of ambition that

had untapped pools of potential.

Will I remember that

bricks don’t have to be flipped,

sold for profit all in one sale

constructed without a hitch because,

nothing is built in one day.

Things fall apart

but I can learn today,

after reflecting on yesterday,

so that tomorrow

Nostalgia will not be the best part of my life.


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