Don’t Make This Mistake…(Day 14 of NaPoWriMo 15)

Never expected

to be somewhere so regressive,

not even expensive tastes but

expensive expectations,

these facilities are inadequate

in growing everyone’s potential.

Thankfully this isn’t residential

no one deserves a broken home,

and this makes fractured homes look like bliss,

where no one ever sleeps,

and no one’s intentions are missed.


no one means anything more than numbers,

Fall, Spring, Winter, Summer,

it’s the epitome of what have you done lately

for me

and only me

not about how you helped anxious adults

and cranky babies.

No longer distraught at a long shot,

better thought plans of

an escape plot,

free speech is a wonderful thing where

your creativity does not go to

be buried and rot.

Will not take any more abuse,

no victim shall have to fear their truth,

of being placed into a slave ship,

where numbers determine who

gets their ill-gotten filthy loot.

If you can guess of what I’m speaking about,

Then I hope you never doubt,

that the perseverance of this humbled hustler,

will lead him to sunny pastures,

no longer filled with apathetic clouds.


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