Welcome To….Cypher Sessions (Poem 2/2 for Day 30, NaPoWriMo 2015)

Often times, things come to an end; however, we are of the mindset that, where there’s an ending, there is also a new beginning. For a better part of this year, it was difficult to kindle that writing passion that had come so naturally for such a long time. For some inexplicable reason, that flame all but went out until NaPoWriMo came back this year; we decided to take that as a sign. So, we are taking the hint, and rediscovering what it was that made us love to write, discuss, and investigate what is going on in topics we know a little something about, as well as those topics we do not know that much about. That leads us to this last piece, poem 2 of 2 for Day 30; it is not a departure, but an arrival:

Welcome to the Cypher

where people of all backgrounds come to gather,

decide what it is they can speak on,

and depict masterpieces while

simultaneously at times making other souls unravel,

so rattled,

when a person first steps to the mic

to recite something they like


deliver a message not always heard or related to

right at that night,

right at that moment gotta determine what’s left,

like so many athletics out there,

it’s what you are willing to give and to what you’re


Hesitant are most folks,

when they decide to either freeze or roast,

those deciding to throw verbal jabs or

widely flung, and mis-aimed blows

Unparalleled is the feeling

to capture a moment so fleeting,

if you can contribute to the magic of such a short amount of time,

than the essence of it all,

you soon could be bleeding,

dripping you soul and self on a page,

letting a stage and mic engage,

the individual inside who most assuredly

can ramble on between feelings that range

from happiness, sadness, and thoughtful,

all the way over to a blinding rage,

So we’ll stay in page,

in the pocket with a pen ready in hand,

because no longer will you know not the name of those

ignored when they came to the game any longer,

Welcome to Cypher Sessions,

Welcome to dedication and art in it’s truest,

only honoring and giving fully, never one to shame!


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