The 4th Day of NaPoWriMo 2016: Luminosity

Welcome back NaPoWriMo 2016 readers, as it is already day 4 in this 30 day, 30 poem challenge. This one is going to be very abstract, which is what we started out doing, writing very obscure and abstract poetry. Let’s hope we don’t make this too abstract…:

If you think about it,

the sun and stars are really just in an eternal argument over who shines the brightest,

and earth is the battleground.

The constant shimmering, the strategic placement of one’s brightest rays.

The sun showing that it can illuminate a planet and use light and shadow to portray

natural wonders none of us would be privy to, were it not for said sun.

But not so fast, flickers the shooting brightness via the stars.

There job is to,

shine their brightest, travel across untold distances and areas of space that,

demand if not ultimately require their brief yet consuming radiance.

The sun banks on the fact that due to its absence,

the efforts of the stars are not noticed,

But I assure you.

The stars indeed rely on that arrogant assumption. They know their audience is

great distances that most of them could never even hope to reach,

so they

display massive flickers of brilliance that the sun itself has forgotten that it possesses.

They flicker this brilliance because they are mindful that their full luminosity may blind

their audience, as well as themselves.

The darkness enveloping everything around them is a reminder.

A reminder that, to fully extinguish one’s full potential, they may never shine again.

Luminosity is their life, and they know all too well that like the many suns around them

that have burst and never shone again,

they will not partake in such foolish endeavors.

Luminosity will emblazon them upon their audiences for eternity.


Until day 5….good night.


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