5 Rhymes for Day 5 of NaPoWriMo 2016

Already a sixth of the way done, and NaPoWriMo 2016 is just plugging along! Occasionally during this 30 days of 30 poems challenge, we come up with random challenges for ourselves to see if we can flex our creative muscle. This 5 rhymes for Day 5 is another one of those; let’s see how this goes:

Rhyme 1

What is going on, have we already run out of content?

That doesn’t bode well for the remainder of the month, does it?

Can you believe they’re trying to create challenges on the spot?

Not even planning this stuff out, is this how their following stops?

Well what do you expect from a small-time writing ring?

What else could be as exciting?

Other than coming up with rhyme schemes that are so questioning?

Is there anything else in these rhymes that can be as peculiar in such formatting?


Rhyme 2

There is a lot of thought put into our hopes and dreams,

too many times it’s derailed because we begin to lose steam,

Supreme talents, unrivaled skill sets all exist here,

Peers can’t even fathom the depths of writing spontaneously prepared,

Squared away are the arts, anything creative way of thinking different,

Disallow the sharp edged boxes inside one’s circular content,

Circumvent in fact all doubt, received and produced around you,

The smoke doesn’t always signal fire, just shifted states of matter because it’s overdue


Rhyme 3

Whether you’re clever to settle upon no levels of hell or devils,

Or just missed an angel dangling savior with happiness levels so major,

Stages of life cannot be chronicled only despondent,

Correspondents will spin stories of glorious gory allegories,

But it’s your duty to duly nullify the lies subscribed,

Truth is for those who stand to gain purport whether what happened was peace or pain,

Gains are null and void, when paranoid info hits the bricks despite airwaves,

Too often the audience misses the story and continues blindly along their chosen ways


Rhyme 4

Finer fiction never has been written,

by those who claim to be spitting real life, yet close their fabled script in their kitchen,

I beg to differ that such composites are not sketched to etch a relatable story,

But to simply make cash and some profits, without worry of valid testimony.

See for some the craft is a hustle requiring little muscle,

and if you can do that, well then that is all great and good for you.

But excuse me if I balk at acted upon authenticity within one’s selected city,

when I purposefully step to craft art and words due to my love for the rhymes flowing from me



Rhyme 5

I stand corrected before you, readers and skimmers of content new and old,

But apparently the poll numbers being submitted for publication are lies being told.

There are no super delegates choosing what you do, they’ll delegate that to their staff,

Meanwhile as checks roll in for who knows what, they’ll sit back, take a swig, and smile,

Now there are not a dozen west coast teams that are being protested at how they play,

But rather these PACs that require such stacks of cash think such acts are how things go these days,

One day soon, when we’ll have watched the last balloon escape,

it will be the end of denials made innocently displayed, because such acts will lead to a burst, in which more than just rocks and sticks will be hurled in dismay.



That will do it for our 5 rhymes challenge, it was quite a difficult one to spontaneously do on the spot. Until Day 6, have a great night and a very good morning.



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