Day 3 of NaPoWriMo 2016: Mossack Fonseca!

It is already day 3, nearly day 4 in 2016’s National Poetry Writing Month, and today has been a day of headlines and intriguing stories that many of us have heard about before, but not to this extent. This piece tonight will be a critique of multiple things, and if there is subject matter that you are not familiar with, just head over to your search engine of choice and see what we are talking about. Below hopefully will shed some light on some of the events at hand from today:

Mossack Fonseca

Another organization no one has heard about until some documents fell off their dresser.

Mossack Fonseca

Can we get some advertising money from this money helper of the rich, so far it’s only been reported that oligarchs and his cronies received aid, no dukes or contessas.

Mossack Fonseca

Have you googled or binged this firm doing what we know the wealthy always relied on, yet we never associate negativity or bad press upon them, why the disconnection?

A suggestion,

In which not just those who used off-shore accounts to avoid taxes, rob their countries, and get rich? The suggestion is naming and criticizing the infrastructures in place who let them.

The law firms, lawyers, bank accountants, and financial planners, the PR people used to feign ignorance and the government officials who could have acted in some capacity, but decided courage was not for them the ultimate lesson.

A valid question,

Would you, writer of this piece, risk life and limb in an oligarchy, where your brains and organs are either ripped out, poisoned, beaten, or shot out violently?

A valid point, I see why you wouldn’t deploy,

Or risk that kind of bravery with officials so crazy and paranoid,

Good thing we don’t have that kind of thing here in the United States,

where there are arrests, targeted profiling and incarcerations for profit everyday,

No way, that’s not at all what the United States government is trying to do,

they obviously would use off-shore accounts to launder money, or ya know, an actual laundry mat would sufficiently do,

Prisons aren’t cash-based organizations,

and contracts demanding a certain capacity be met isn’t the same thing,

Anyone who states that is way off-base trying to air that dirty laundry,

Mossack Fonseca. Corrections Corporation of America.

Regardless of the hustle, its in the wealthy’s best interest for everyone to stay uneducated, downtrodden, and always in trouble.

Don’t become a mark, in these constant global hustles.



Until next time on Day 4…Peace!


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