Festivals are the exit door… NaPoWriMo 2016 Day 16

With festival season right around the corner (it technically is under way with Coachella this weekend), here is a reminder to all of those aspiring artists, producers, rappers, and singers of what festivals can be:

Festivals are the exit door,

depending on what part of you career you are on,

and what exactly you are looking for.

Legendary bands play this large events to sometimes

prove that they still have the stuff to get the crowd going,

or to pay some unforeseen medical bills or needed and upcoming treatments.

Up and comers see this as the pinnacle of their trajectory,

this is what you’ve been working towards all this time,

and now?

Now, my friend,

everything you expected and wanted will come rolling in…

or something like that.

But, they are the exit for another reason.

If things don’t work out,


if you are really not into playing live shows


your set is absolute nightmare….

festivals are the exit door.

They are a place where

things are not what they appear to be,

an experience that quite frankly you won’t probably have again

unless you

come back to this exact abandoned part of a ranch or

rented out and under utilized public park or parking area.

Music is meant to be a language,

common among all its listeners,

with minimum need for translation or

understanding certain dialects and inflections.

Festivals attempt to cause a shift


multiple tongues are spoken

everyone doesn’t understand each other as well as they did before,

and the socially expected, needed currency that otherwise

is not needed for life is taken from you,

after all of that very real and tediously long hard work.

Experiencing a music festival is a great thing to witness a couple of times,

but it is not the language that I want to become fluent in.


Hope you enjoyed this piece and all the prior pieces posted here. Thoughts on the above? Well then comment below. Until next time, peace.



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