I. Got. THIS. NaPoWriMo 2016 Day 18

Welcome back readers, if you have followed NaPoWriMo up until this point, you have read a wide breadth of topics, emotions, and writing styles thus far. That trend of new topics and such hopefully continues with this motivational reminder to ourselves as well as every single one of you out there right now. Enjoy:

I. Got. This.

These three little words

are what so many of us say to each other,

to our friends, and to our family,

to people you just meet, and your co-workers you really don’t know much about.

But the biggest problem is,

we do not tell them to ourselves,


we do not necessarily believe those three little words

when we do.

You. Got. This.

Believe it or not,

you are not perfect. Shocker!

But, that’s actually something that all of us should prefer.

Why, you may ask in a variety of different quizzical tones?

Because, dear audience,


get to improve upon yourself.





you are not striving to be perfect, by any means.

But you just need to do a little better today than you did yesterday.

Do that one extra thing that you’ve been meaning to do.

It sounds cheesy and maybe too optimistic at times,

but then when you do that extra thing?

you don’t think it’s too cheesy then.


you suddenly realize that

maybe you don’t have to do what everyone around you does.

Because sometimes,

others don’t want to see you succeed

because they don’t know how to succeed or at least try and fail to.

Failure is not your biggest enemy,

You Are.


Is something that we don’t say enough to ourselves,

and then wonder why we didn’t succeed when we didn’t tell ourselves to.

Of course not every time you try and speak something into existence is it gonna happen.

But the more you do so and

the more you make an effort to,

try to,

and keep pushing forward motivating yourself?

It will start to.

And believe me,

this is coming from a person who has had self-doubt.

This is coming from a person who has body image problems.

This is coming from someone who for too long (until recently),

cared too much about what others said and thought,

instead of what they said and did.

This is coming from someone who like many others reading this

and friends of people reading this,

has dealt with inner demons and self-doubters internally murmuring.

This is going to change.

I. Got. This. 

Because many out there like this writer

have grown up where, sure,

there are sunny days and bright spots,

but often there’s a world of darkness around us.

That’s going to change, because

I. Got. This. YOU. Got. This. 

Remember that next time you doubt yourself or others.


That’s our motivational speech for the day. If you liked it, let us know below, and if you had issues with it, comment on it and say what didn’t sit well with you. Until the next time, good night, and Peace.



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