Anniversary Day 20, NaPoWriMo 2016

After some technical difficulties, things are moving right along again. In order to play some catch-up, we’ll start with the 4th year anniversary of Cypher Sessions, and reflect back on out Anniversary:

It seems just like yesterday

Attending another concert and thinking,

“There should really be some coverage of this Wyclef Jean concert”.

And before you knew it,

this establishment was born.

It isn’t the most widely read blog in the world,

or even the United States for that matter.

But it has consistently covered topics from a lens

that is too often not cleaned off and critically viewed through.

It has discussed topics that many are afraid to discuss or,

really just don’t merit the attention that a larger audience may grant it.

That has never been the goal of this publication.

To write for what is the most popular or most viewed articles of the day.

The goal is to

bring about a perspective that not everyone wants to acknowledge


may have themselves, even if they hardly discuss it.

The goal is to discuss more than just the average content.

If that seems ambitious or almost impossible, then so be it.

We would rather learn and continue to learn from not always winning,

then to be sidelined offering views that are disconnected from the world

we are commenting on.

So enjoy our anniversary.

It is our fourth,

but it is surely not our last.


Until the next piece where we play catch-up, Peace!


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