The Day After…NaPoWriMo 2016, Day 21

There is always a big build-up for a celebration, but what about the day after? That is something that we would like to address with the following on Day 21 of NaPoWriMo 2016:


balloons are, but not the hangover of feeling.

Not a drop of libations was consumed,

but the tiredness still remains,

even though it also wasn’t even a late night.

Once a year,

we celebrate that someone

or in our case, something,

has managed to continue to exist and have a pulse.

In some ways that is kind of saddening,

but at the same time,

the mini check-in can be really beneficial,

and even the most staunch, emotionless individuals in existence

occasionally need that well-intentioned inquisition.

The Day After

things are quiet as they were before.

Sunrises move along the day before

sunsets move us into another period of rest and reflection.

That cycle of

starting and finishing,

beginning and ending,

at times can seem endless,

until an anniversary of some sort comes back around.

So, for all of those who may not have fireworks and

large numbers of guests and well-wishers celebrating your existence

on the completion of your year,

know that The Day After is still the same for everyone.



As we continue to play catch-up, check back here for all of our newest pieces, as well as some interesting stories in the worlds of music and entertainment.


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