Delayed NaPoWriMo 2016, Poem 6 of 7: The Last Mile

In this 6th installment of this 7-part series, the journey is starting to come to an end. However, it is important to note that finishing strong is sometimes just as important, if not more important than starting strong. With that in mind, make sure that you have read Delayed NaPoWriMo 2016, Poem 5 of 7: Emergence before jumping into “The Last Mile”, below:

We wear Fitbits to feel fit for a bit,

when in reality it doesn’t truly matter how many daily steps you get.

Doctors may become angry with that prognosis,

but hear me out,

and listen to what it is that I’m proposing.

Each journey starts with a step,

and each step leads to the number of feet walked,

then blocks,

and then miles.

We praise Iron Man contestants not because they fly in the literal sense,

but because they fly against the face of doubt, struggle, and fatigue,

that plagues so many of us.

But that Last…Mile.

That last push that lets your mind and body reach the destination

it has been fighting to achieve,

the last steps, the last breath, the last beads of sweat to drop,

as so many of us do when things reach this critical mass it seems.

There are a million motivational speeches,



and videos that one can watch to

mystically via modern times gain a tiger-eye,

gain Storm-like powers to obtain a hurricane,

or hold in their hands like Death the final countdown.

None of those things truly work.

Now I’m not against inspirational songs,

quotes that drive one in everyday life and

pushes one past the struggles and barriers that one will face.

I am simply stating

that at the end of the day,

it is you who will decide what your internal engine is comprised of.

Whether your combustion will occur before you reach that final destination,

or if you’ll overheat,


and not reach the finish line.

The Last Mile is the hardest course anyone will face.

Make sure you can look back in the mirror,

and accept the decisions you made during the race.


The 7-part series is almost over! For those that have been keeping up, hopefully these pieces have been something to enjoy and gain something from, and for all first-time readers, do not fret, more Hip Hop-focused content is on the way. Check back soon for the 7th and final installment!


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