Delayed NaPoWriMo 2016, Day 7 of 7: Goal Reached

At long last, we have reached the 7th and final day of this 7-part delayed poem series. There has been quite a journey made during this series, and one that hopefully everyone took something away from it. Just in case you aren’t all caught up to date, make sure to catch up on the 6th poem Delayed NaPoWriMo 2016, Poem 6 of 7: The Last Mile. The final installment begins below, and is in a way, its own “Goal Reached”:

Nothing is as fulfilling as completing something one sets out to do

A self-assigned mission can be something that others may not

care significantly about or,

even know is happening.

But when you decide to put your nose to the ground,

grind away and push everything that one has in order to reach that end point,

it is something that builds character,

and something that builds resolve.

For too long has the majority of society dictated or preached that

success is only for the chosen few,

that it is something one supposedly is born into or

is something that cannot be achieved by those who aren’t already at the top.

Well, those who believed and bought into such notions,

there is some bad news to deliver today.

Success is not in the end goal, the final product that one completes,

and finishes after an indeterminate amount of time.

Success is in the effort,

the routine practiced and honed over ticks of the clock.

And what often times is the biggest derailment of success?

Is a lack of response to failure.

Failure, oddly enough, is the greatest teacher of success.

The best mindset that can be obtained is the resolve that,

one either accomplishes a goal, or they learn from their effort.

Some may call it losing, but those invested in results and results only

are those who are not the ones who truly triumph.

The journey is what will deliver opulence to those who seek it.

Only your mindset can determine if it is what you will do.


That is going to do it for this 7-part series, after quite the delay. New Hip Hop pieces will be coming very soon, and for now, make sure to check out all of the 100+ articles, starting with The beginning. Until next time, peace!


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