Hurricane Matthew forecast preview: critique of video coverage

This article utilized video as well as a photo slideshow for weather forecasts of the approaching Hurricane Matthew off of the Eastern coast of Florida, which also hit Georgia and the Carolinas over the past couple of days.

The video is effective because it does two things: it gives you a timeline of what is most likely to happen, and it provides that info from someone who covers the area and has some expertise on the matter.

There will be and has been a decent amount of on the scene coverage of how fierce the hurricane is once it hits land, so this is effective in that it provides information before the drama unfolds as the storm takes place.

The aesthetics of the visuals are very professional and edited due to the content being produced for a newscast. While it would have a larger impact to see the storm unfold in each state, other than delivering drama and an accurate account of what is happening with the storm, this video provides information that readers can use in preparation.

The online presentation is effective in terms of how it compliments the story being told in the rest of the article, which is discussing a wider scope of where the storm has been thus far, and where it currently is at the time of the article being written.

It also has the versatility of being prepared for both online and television viewers, since it follows the traditional format of weather forecasting.


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