Revitalization of the Hill audio story compliment

This audio story consists of interviewing two different people who have varying interests with regards to the proposals to revitalize the University Hill area. Sarah Wiebenson works for the City of Boulder, while Marcus Fotenos is the CU Student Government’s President of External Affairs. I spoke with both of these individuals for their thoughts on the proposals:

Hill Revitalization proposals


One thought on “Revitalization of the Hill audio story compliment

  1. You’ve got a good voice for this kind of report. It’s nice and clear through your opening, but you’ve got a lot of mic noise when your subject comes in, which is pretty distracting. A bit of room tone from where you did that interview could have smoothed our some of your transitions. Several of your cuts are rather abrupt. Give us a bit of breathing room in your cuts around quotes. You get a good sense in your piece how important mic placement can be. You can cut down on noisy “s”s and “p”s by not aiming the mic directly at someone’s mouth, but more obliquely, like at their chin.

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