Sarah and the Hill of Boulder

In the following clip, you will hear about what Sarah Wiebenson, the Hill Community Development Coordinator for the City of Boulder has been up to, and how two current proposals involving the Hill area may help this historic Boulder site change for the future, and hopefully for the better:

Sarah and the Hill

Many thanks are given to the staff at Silver & Gold Barber Shop on the Hill next to 7-Eleven for allowing me to take photos of their shop, esp. while continuing to give haircuts! And of course, a big thank you to Sarah for her assistance and enthusiasm in helping me with this project and a previous story.



2 thoughts on “Sarah and the Hill of Boulder

  1. This was a really informative piece. My favorite thing about this is that you let us hear from someone we normally wouldn’t think about, whose work is actually pretty important. I also thought you got a nice interview and cut it together pretty seamlessly. As far as technical things, I thought the audio at times had some loud background sounds or parts where you might have touched the microphone that became a little distracting. I did like the music running through the piece, though. Also, I loved the idea to get photos in the barber shop, but found some of them a to be a little redundant. I’m glad you supplemented these with some shots of the Hill to change things up.

  2. Stephanie makes good points. If your subject works at the barber shop, some shots of her actually working would give you some action in your photos. If she doesn’t, you need to explain somehow why she’s there. Stephanie is right that your photos get a bit redundant and I’d like some tighter photos of your subject’s face, as well as some details to help add some drama and variety to the images. I’d also like to see some images of her interacting with people, so see her with the people she serves. And if there’s no particular reason to have her at the barber shop, perhaps you could have shown her at a few different businesses to give a sense of the range of businesses on the Hill. You’ve started to photograph the hill to illustrate some of the points your subject is making, but I think you could have done more of that. The music works fine, but I think you could have kept it a bit more subtle at times so it didn’t distract from what your subject was saying.

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