Progression (Day 5 of NaPoWriMo 2017)

Always a poem behind, here we are today on poem number five, although it is certainly going to be more of the rhyming variety (bordering on a rap). This weekend might be when we catch up to the day we’re on. Anyway, here is today’s piece, entitled “Progression”:


Hour after hour,

minute after minute,

dedicating pen and pad

writing to make a difference.


It’s not the type that’ll wash away chemicals,

but hopefully enough to negate the subliminals,

we keep hearing about what we should do as a nation,

and how to be,

yet we scroll past after momentary shock and agony.


Guilty of the crime of indifference I am as well,

not feeling helpless to help others,

more so not sure what truth to tell.

Everyone has their own trials to battle,

cross-examine and dismiss charges,

barrages of self-made barriers to straddle,


until realizing the best way to progress

is accompanying oneself to success,

that’s no less stress,

that requires more than to be blessed,

not to mention

all of the systemic roadblocks meant to make you hopeless.


As long as you make progression daily

even on a level that’s minute,

you’re working towards realization of self,

and then almost no one can stop you,



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