Pressure (Day 6 of NaPoWriMo 2017)

Due to some unforeseen delays, we are now in full catch-up mode; however, soon enough the pieces will be back to being released on their proper day. This one is going to reflect some recent barriers that have revealed themselves out of nowhere, adding unexpected “pressure” to one’s life.



Never waking up the same two ways,

well that’s fair,

seeing as how evil permeates the past two days.

There’s two ways to receive bad news,

take it and build upon it’s unbridled truth,


let it rip, shred and dismember you.


Bad news is something unexpected now,

although hindsight says it was going to come anyhow.

Relieved to survive when it’s just a bump in the road,

paralyzed at the thought of it becoming a sink hole.


This isn’t anxiety rearing its face,

this is tragedy weaving tapestries

to death’s musical takes.

Last point to make in case you didn’t see,

sometimes pressure gets to people in different streams.



it’s a trickle of a babbling brook,

built up to unleash a unnerving whoosh.

Other times,

it’s a relentless tidal wave,

one that drowns you,

revives you,

and then repeats said process for days.


Four days ago,

pressure seemed only the limits of my inner mind,

but now?

It’s the realization that

life is truly finite.


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