Scribbling down some ideas (Day 7 of NaPoWriMo 2017)

Continuing to play catch-up, here is poem seven in this 30 poems in 30 days challenge. Scribbling out your thoughts and ideas can really help you navigate what it is you’re trying to accomplish; the same is happening right here:


Scribbling down some ideas

Call it graffiti,

vandalizing pages in different stages,

best believe it leaves the most potent fragrance,

crime or revolution,

either way I’ve found a solution,


resolution doesn’t come from the UN, correct?

It comes from deciding how to response to

disease, distress, and death, yes?

no documentation can improve such situations,

because the practice of said movements,

can be twisted into cruel manipulations. 


I dedicate myself to figuring out 

not just a cause,

but a way to hit pause,

to stop the passing of gauze,

and instead stifle the firing of weapons

unintended by any higher being,

whether a demon or God.



It shouldn’t take the lifting of fog,

to realize these war games

have been enacted long before the popularity of Pogs,

and we flip our support and disgust in the same way,

whether it’s the digital format now,

or the retro return to analog. 


So, question the staged imperfections 

for the behind the curtain stuns,

and knock down more than just the stage,

knock down those constructing 

the ladders up the money towers,

as it’s time to stop adding another rung. 


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