Reconnect (Day 9 of NaPoWriMo 2017)

Going to be catching up this evening, as pieces nine and ten are going to be headed your way momentarily. Part of what helps in catching up to the day that we are supposed to be on is “reconnecting” to our rhyme writing, which happens below with the aforementioned chosen word:


Try as I might,

rhyme will never leave my life,

not that I want it to,

but it’s good to not always recite.

To not always repeat,

not always reinvent,

but to always reconnect.


Figure out what inspires me,

see there’s a plethora of ideas,

media, and particular human beings,

Streaming the best portions,

filtering out the dirt,

I take the best from above,

because I draw from my worst.


Recognizing dreams,

means reconnecting to motivation,

new to notoriety,

old friends with salvation.


stimulants of stringing together

words inexplicably tied,

like 13 reasons from a ‘Flix,

you’ll be left wondering how critics died.


The story arc of this rhyme,

isn’t to string an expected narrative,

but to freestyle as much as possible,

before a series of unfortunate events.



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