Five years burning (Day 20 of NaPoWriMo 2017, and FIFTH Anniversary celebratory piece)

Five years comes and goes faster than you know it. It doesn’t seem like you were just starting a blog, just starting a way to get out your thoughts and ideas about what you’re passionate about. But, it has been. Five years of burning mics and writing pads. Here’s to five more and beyond:

Five years burning

It started out from wanting to cover Wyclef Jean,

it seemed odd a legend like that would make it to our scene,

It ballooned sometime later,

into a project so major,

that interviews across the nation,

and views across the world made my writing more patient,

I narrowed down my topics,

shortened up on the abstract,

continued to provide criticisms

and rhymes that cracked backs,

no cash stacks,


through passion, pain, and flavor,

Been read a bunch in Canada and Australia,

to a few in Afghanistan, and all across Asia,

This status to balance the sadness of only record-driven sales with

content-led ideas with conceptual ideological means,

was part of why I built what today you see,

will persevere on

and move strong beyond difficulty and doubt,

Cypher Sessions is in the building

and Hip Hop will also drive our dedication,

no doubt!



To everyone that has rocked with us since 2012,

to those of you who have taken notice along the way,

and for those checking us out for the first time today,

We thank you.

We appreciate you.

And we’re going to keep bringing you the finest quality content!


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