Kill Jill (remix) (Day 21 ofNaPoWriMo 2017)

What better way to start off our FIFTH year with shaking the rust off of the mic, and seeing how this piece would sound on Big Boi’s newest track, “Kill Jill”:

Kill Jill (Remix)

What reason could there be to settle,

allow others to take away your rebel?

Never happening when my creation’s at another level,

threaded to the nines,

beyond a scale of one to ten,

every time I write,

I enter a place of zen,

momentarily meditating

to reassess what I’m staging,

altitude will snatch that breath while I keep on raging,

And that Mile High City Champion,

on graves of evil gon’ keep on dancin’,

because I slayed enemies of the culture before,

so don’t mind me,

I’m just here to collect my ransom,

Who else to the afterlife will I be advancing?


Here’s some music for a reference 



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