Throwback (Day 23 of NaPoWriMo 2017)

Sometimes, you just wanna take it back to the old school, or take it back to writing rhymes like you once did. That is what is going to happen here; hopefully you enjoy, and if not? Write your own flow in the comments! Here we go:


I remember dedicating hours of life,

to a book of blank paper and an inspiring night,

where I worked through strife,

line by line,

and had some realizations,

over the course of time,

seems like none exists today,

like we used to reflect,

too busy to learn something,

with ourselves as a solitary speck,



to when you couldn’t hold the world in your hand,

with blinding light strenuously trying to grab demand,

attention is shortened,

not because of what’s eaten and one’s sleeping bed,

but because we’ve lost patience and any interest in zen,

Don’t pick up this culture,

if you plan to set it down in a few minutes,

I can’t possibly describe its beauty in that kind of limit,



is how this music is for me and a lot of others too,

again don’t waste my passion,

over entertaining your own boredom before

you return back to your technological doom.



I get it,

stating all this over the medium I choose,

but look,

how am I supposed to mail a million notebooks across the world,

and making sure that it reaches you?


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