Nerves (Day 24 of NaPoWriMo 2017)

Occasionally, something is coming up, or it’s on your radar down the road, and you for whatever reason are anticipating it, dreading it, or just feeling pent-up energy because you know what you have to do. For whatever is coming up, you have certain things that you have to check off of your list. Being a ball of nerves is tough, but it’s also something that might just be a positive:



breathing heavier than normal

when you think about what’s coming,


can quite prepare you for that approaching something…

but wait.


There is something that should calm your nerves,

relax your anxiety,

and help you realize you don’t have to do the opposite of sobriety.





Has any performance or task before

that you really cared about


more importantly,

did well in,

come without stress, worry, and ever-growing doubt?

Grammy winners and

Oscar nominees

quake in their boots

the same way you do

for that upcoming test,

evaluation at work


something that needs to be brought up.


Nerves may not be what you look forward to

when awakening from a panic-riddled slumber

that was anything but relaxing…

But they do help you perform

in ways

that keep on surprising you.


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