Encounter (Day 26 of NaPoWriMo 2017)

Once your journey has launched off and you are on your way, there’s quite a bit to experience and discover. It’s important to remember the following when starting your “Encounter”:


Thoughts that I’m having

as lights surround me and it’s not a dream

didn’t think we’d have to resort

to escaping via this space thing.


If I close my eyes,

I’ll encounter the same beings,

the ones who take flight as angels and demons,

paupers and kings,

no Romans or Greeks are dictating the thoughts,

just envisioning how to escape when societal ills

are never caught up.

Closing eyes might do as much as protesting in place costs.


Recall what you learned

when encountering someone new.

Those out here in the cosmos

are not motivated solely by greed,

there are things bigger out here than making green,

Credits or ships,same difference,

mixing ruthlessness and elegance

is the only way survival’s guaranteed


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