Humanz are the issue (Day 27 of NaPoWriMo 2017)

Acclimating to new environments is never easy, especially for still-evolving species. Making sure that one learns as much as possible will help ease this transition (an important note, if you haven’t read each piece from the Nerves up until now, go back and do so to catch up). As always, make sure to take everything with a grain of salt, dear Humanz:

Humanz are the issue

It’s not surprising,

the newest species to intergalactic travel,

interactions with other life forms,

and working to understand other cultures

is why Humanz are so looked down upon.


We had this thought,

that we were clearly the boss,

of all before us and all around us.

Well here’s a stiffer reminder than any drink you can pour,

that reign of domination is no more.


No more working to increase our own satisfaction,

regardless of it’s impact on others.

No more denying information is the key

to guiding our aimless ship through this time of doldrums without druthers.


We need to recover.

Not a conquering of others’ bodies and souls,

but acceptance of determination,

in ourselves amongst others.


Progress should no longer mean debt,

and domination of one over many,

but instead a realization,

that together, things can be made to help plenty


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