Farewell (Day 30 of NaPoWriMo 2017)

This month has simply been a blink of the eye, and now it’s May. There have been some poems and haikus, rhymes and spoken word pieces, and even a guest poet. If you liked what you’ve read here, check out our stuff from earlier years. To take us out, let’s get into one last piece for NaPoWriMo 2017:


Every time

one writes words down,

recalls memories or

scribbles to forget,

one releases energy that needed to be dispersed.


Whether it was

cathartic reasoning for stresses unspoken or untold to others

excitement for ideas conjured on the spot,


a drive to strive with all of one’s might to ignite,

the pen is therapeutic.


Writing is a talent like anything else you dabble in,

practice it or lose it.

Hone it or disown it,

recreate it or displace it.


There are different reasons why someone writes.

I write to light up the sleeping phoenix within,

the heavily incarcerated,

chain-breaking, momentum-taking, quiet as night tip-toeing


Slave to Rebel,

I’ll level with you.

The journey is coming.

The creation of lyrical persuasion through designation of

smashing expectations without litigation is soon to be



So, this is not good-bye.

It is farewell for now,

ready yourselves if you hear chains dangling,

or a mythic bird on the prowl….


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