Rise & Shine (Day 29 of NaPoWriMo 2017)

Often times when it seems like something crazy or unimaginable is happening, it usually is. Luckily for the Humanz (as well as you), things were not what they seemed over the past couple of days:

Rise & Shine

Super hazy

and not due to the gaseous atmosphere surrounding,

but instead because blinds are drawn

and I’m reaching for the alarm with eyes shut soundly,


That can’t be right,

wasn’t there just Grim and his blade

ready to filet and chop down in every way

apparently bad dreams are the worst of how I slept today


But no Noodles,

2D, Russell, Murdoc or any other of those I thought I was with

abandoning ship of the blue marble that’s been skipped,

in terms of preserving it,

before it’s decimated to uninhabitable bits


All of this before 8am

Hearing it bounce back as I stare in front of the mirror,

my breath may be minty now after scrubbing,

but  that ashy taste in my mouth has me wondering…


Am I alive, and really still here?


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