Z-Trip and company show how to properly celebrate Cervantes’ 15th Anniversary

A DJ is expected these days to be able to mix multiple genres together seamlessly live; doing so should woo a crowd in ways even the DJ might not have prepared for.

Being able to back up such a claim is another matter entirely, and DJ Z-Trip did just that on a warmer than expected Saturday night at a sold-out Cervantes’ Other Side, celebrating Cervantes’ 15th year in existence.

Prior to the world-renown DJ fusing together popular songs into unexpected jams, there were a host of openers who warmed up the intimate venue quite nicely.

Local DJ veteran Ginger Perry shuffled back and forth from 90’s to 00’s hip-hop, with the occasional unexpected song drop entertaining the small but ever-growing crowd of early birds.

Things then amped up another notch as Denver mainstay Mikey Thunder of The PARTY People made things heavy, dropping a funk-meets-glitch-meets-hip-hop smorgasbord of sounds. Those sounds led this writer to conserve some energy, as the headnodic beats were making this neck exhausted at the halfway point!

The next act made matters worse for my neck and head region, but even better for my heart and soul areas.


Chris Karns, for those of you who don’t know, is a world champion. Really though. He’s the 2011 DMC USA & World Champion, 2013 VH1 Master of the Mix Finalist, and he’s only won the Red Bull Thre3style title…three times? It’s hyperbolic to lavish any more praise on this guy, but then he had to go and start working with Pretty Lights…

The champ from the Mile High City performed a variety of music, including some of his own stuff that he produced and plans to release at some point. Cue the second wind that everyone’s neck was able to manage during this set up until that guy with a Z in his name popped up.

The fact that nobody from that show currently has a neck brace on is a miracle; either we all built up our neck muscles over the course of the show, or listening to this kind of music just creates a neck conditioned to long periods of head nodding.

Z-Trip mashed records together. Played different genres. Scratched and transitioned tracks smoother than anyone in recent memory for this excited observer. The night just crescendoed to unexpected heights, and then out to the stage came the return of Chris Karns, and a friend of his as well.

If you’re a fan of Lettuce, Break Science, or other related acts than you likely know who Adam Deitch is. This drummer was off of this listener’s radar, but that quickly changed.

Karns played some music, and then Z-Trip responded. And then Karns. Then Z-Trip. Meanwhile dead center between the two, Deitch played the drum set like it was his first language, adding to the back-and-forth and also adding in his own sounds that excited every single person in the cramped confines of The Other Side.

The show ended only after all three guys played the drum set together, two guys taking a snare or symbol while the third dictated things behind the kick drum. Fun fact, both Z-Trip and Karns can play the drums, which was another twist to an already pretzeled-out night.

At this point it was two in the morning, everyone shuffling out happily exhausted from what might end up being the best four hours of music one might experience in 2018.

I wish I had that kind of birthday party for when I turned 15…one can live vicariously through the kind of celebration exhibited below:


Have you ever been to a Z-Trip concert before? What concert are you looking forward to the most in 2018? Share your thoughts with us below!


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