Announcing “Behind The Scenes”

Hello everyone, today is the day we pull back the curtains and show you what we are working on for the next couple of months. Without any further delay, watch the video below:


That is right, everyone; we are working on a short film documentary chronicling several different Denver acts, and figuring out just what the Denver music scene is, where it’s been, and where it is going.

This film won’t be too long, but the interviews, edits, conversations, band practices, and shows might be. That isn’t to say we aren’t excited to be doing all of the above, but it is to say we want you to see what we’re doing so you get an idea of just what it takes to make something like this.

As far as updates go, a couple of acts have already been contacted and/or met with. For example, a Chicano Funk band called Los Mocochetes has been kind enough to let us attend their band practices, as well as their upcoming show on Saturday at Ophelia’s in Denver. This group has a lot of energy, a lot of talent, and from how practices go, a lot of fun already.

Another group that has agreed to begin speaking with us is a Metal band that has already played the Marquis Theater, the Roxy Theater, and more. The Goat Hill Massacre will be speaking with us next week about the Denver Metal scene, their experience in said scene, and a number of other topics as well.

In addition to the bands listed above, we are currently nailing down an interview with a couple of Denver’s veteran hip-hop DJs, along with a few music writers in Denver. More updates should be available on our next update, Tuesday February 6th.

Welcome to the “Behind The Scenes” blog series, and we look forward to seeing you next Tuesday!


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