Behind The Scenes: February 15th update

It is Thursday, February 15th, and that means it is time to close out the Behind The Scenes updates for the week.

This week has been a little bit slower in terms of actual filming compared to the last couple; however, make no mistake about it, the interviews going on are still quite important to both the final film as well as the written piece.

That’s the first bit of an update, in addition to this ongoing blog series and a final short film, there will also be a written component. It’s looking like it will be around 1000 words, but it could be slightly more or slightly less.

Another update for everyone would have to be band practice was attended for the metal group we have been following, The Goat Hill Massacre. They have a few shows coming up, and so it is time to start ironing out the set list and figuring out what’s what. Below is just a glimpse of some of the work that was done this past Wednesday evening:

This group appears to have a few shows coming up, including one in February and another one on March 24th, which will be attended as that date gets closer.

Lastly, emails are still being sent with a couple of people, but ideally next week confirmation can be given for the biggest name yet that will be interviewed.

As always, tune back in next Tuesday for more updates, as things continue to progress and move forward.


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