Behind The Scenes: February 13th update

It is that time again, and we are here with a pretty interesting update for you! After covering a number of band practices and a really entertaining concert,  we have had our first sit down with a writer from the Denver Post.

Meet John Wenzel, who has covered the Denver music scene, in addition to the comedy scene, arts scene, and just all types of entertainment taking place in the Denver area. Here’s a teaser of just some of the things we spoke to John about:

John had a lot more to say that will be exciting to sift through and include in the final product, but for right now this is all you get.

In addition to interviewing John and the very impressive Denver Post building, we also are planning to film a band practice soon with The Goat Hill Massacre. That should be fun and very LOUD…but we’ll make sure to bring ear plugs.

Still working on solidifying another artist interview, but things are looking good for at least an additional band. Details will follow as this develops further.

Thanks for checking in today, and be sure to check back in on Thursday, February 15th!


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