Behind The Scenes: March 6th Update

It’s a new week and a new Tuesday has rolled around, meaning that it is time for another Behind The Scenes update. The past few days have flown by, but not as much as this interview did.

Jamie Laurie of The Flobots graciously worked an interview in before an event last Thursday afternoon and it was super quick. Luckily for all involved, his responses fit nicely into what we were looking for, including this one you can see below:

More of this interview will be a part of the final film to be released in April.

If you are looking for more Behind The Scenes or you need to catch up, make sure to head over to Cypher Sessions in order to read and watch everything that has happened since this project began last month (or click here).

This upcoming Thursday will also provide more updates, so be sure to click back then!

pic 2


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