Behind The Scenes: March 1st update

February has come and gone, but not without a lot that happened; interviews, concerts and band practices oh my!

March is going to start out with a bang as well because of what we’ll be working on. As indicated during Tuesday’s update, a big announcement was hopefully going to be made soon.

Today is that day.

jonny 5 flobotsphoto credits:

When this project began, one goal was to speak with an accomplished act from Denver that had reached commercial and critical success. That has come to pass, as Jonny 5 of The Flobots, also known as Jamie Laurie, will sit down for an interview later today in Denver.

The interview will cover several topics. The formation and success of The Flobots, the loss of creative spaces in Denver, how the music scene deals with gentrification, rapid growth, etc.; these and more will be discussed.

There will be a snippet that appears next Tuesday, so make sure to be on the lookout. After this interview it appears that the time will have come to start putting this thing together! Stay tuned for more next week.



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