Behind The Scenes: March 15th update

Nine out of ten times, time would be dedicated solely to the progress of this project.

However, that one out of ten times reared its head this week and thus why not too much has been accomplished for this final project.

After a presentation and a paper, storyboarding in earnest is under way for the editing and creation of this final film. The beginning portion of the film has been brainstormed, along with a couple of different ways the ending could be crafted.

The hardest part will be how to transition from the opening scenes into the thesis of the film. Evidence will back it up, along with anecdotes from artists themselves about how they are dealing with the loss of creative spaces and the necessity of figuring it out.

Next Thursday will provide more concrete info on how things will go, along with an idea of what the film’s working thesis will be. Check back next week for more info on how the film will really look!



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