Behind The Scenes: March 22nd Update

Figuring out how to tell a story can be easy and hard at the same time. Easy, because you know what story you want to tell for the most part, but also hard because you’re still figuring out what’s what.

That’s exactly what this week has been when it comes to figuring out what the story is.

Compiling soundbites from half a dozen parties isn’t so daunting, it’s the sequencing. As mentioned last week, figuring out what parts of the plot goes where is essential.

Unfortunately, that is kind of hard right now as one more interview is pressing before the story is fully complete. In other words, there is an amalgamation of bones tossed upon the table, it’s just finding the spine to keep it all together.

The last interview should be completed over the weekend. Once done, the gaps will be filled and rough edits will be constructed…and re-edited. And re-edited. And you guessed it: re-edited again.

The clock is also ticking on this process, because It appears the week of April 16th is when this film needs to be done. Fortunately the blog aspect of this hasn’t added much stress and in fact, has helped to keep things on track.

Now if the written article component will follow the same path…

Until next time, be on the lookout for another update next week, although it likely will be on Wednesday on account of Spring Break!


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