Behind The Scenes: March 29th update

While it might be Spring break on the University of Colorado campus here in Boulder, lots of preparation and work is still underway for this project. It’s very exciting that it’s all starting to come together.

Editing/Filming update

A rough edit of the film is currently underway and has the potential to be a really good film. Different clips from different interviews are starting to craft a storyline about the musicians of Denver.

The loss of creative spaces is still central to the overall plot; however, it has taken a back seat to the central focus of how musicians deal with losing spaces (and another barrier that will come up in the film).

The film right now is clocking in at just around five minutes, but there are a few more scenes to add as well as another interview that was just completed on Tuesday.

That’s the other exciting piece of news being unveiled today.

Interview with Ill Seven

Due to technical difficulties, the first interview with Ill Seven was unusable due to the sound being pure static. Luckily this second time around, things went beautifully and the audio and video both worked fine.

As per usual for this process, here is a sneak peak of how the interview went with Ill. There is more to come when the film is completed:

Last BTS update!

The past two months have flown by, but all good things must come to an end. The next time a post related to BTS or this final project happens, it will be the world premiere of the film!

April is shaping up to be a very busy month. The premiere of this film, the beginning of NaPoWriMo 2018 (National Poetry Writing Month for those of you not used to the acronym), as well as a nice little surprise series that will be starting in April are all in different phases of production.

Thank you for following along for the Behind The Scenes series. If you want to catch up or read/watch previous blog posts, head over to the BTS CS section for every single post in the series.

Lastly, April 18th is the premiere date for the film! Check back in on that Wednesday.


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