NaPoWriMo 2018 is here!

By Daniel Paiz

This is not simply Easter or April Fool’s Day, dear reader. Today, April 1st, is the start of National Poetry Writing Month, otherwise known to participants as NaPoWriMo.

This year’s 30 poems are going to be a little different. There of course will be themed poems, freestyle rhymes, haikus, etc., but… there is also a twist to how you receive said poetry.

You can either read it as usual, or, you can listen to it. There will be an audio portion below the written piece as well for those who wish to hear it, or who are unable to read the written portion. Without further ado, here is April’s first entry into NaPoWriMo 2018:

Poem 1

Trepidation is now fleeting,

no more cheating my skill set with night sweats,

I’ve flowed longer than most of you have listened yet respect,

you climbed out of your den,

to challenge who sees who supports and when,

I only ridicule because I’m a stubborn mule,

no beer cans though.


I sow canvasses beyond Daenerys and Stannis,

outlandish that it’s 2018 and we still see only one stance,

only one narrative,

only one chance until yet again,

we reboot with more sweet tooth addictions,

afflicted with short-term memories that permit tunnel vision,

prisms of one, maybe two colors aflutter with mundane meanings,

that scream empty shells disguised as beings.


Can we stop crafting films that have Matt Damon or Brad Pitt

saving people that existed before they knew of such ancient and beautiful civilizations?


I write all of this because I’m soon to go out and be expected

to contribute astute nothings that deliver info everyone knew

but was too lazy to find at the same time.


A tangent planet stranded is where I sometimes go,

when I’m delivering background that you were too slow to comprehend,

context matters.

information matters,

reading beyond a clickbait headline meant to illicit

reactions devoid of any mental health or help matters.


Invest in yourself via exploration and education.

You’re only hurting yourself if you ignore either one.



Be on the lookout for poems two through thirty the rest of the month.


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