NaPoWriMo Poem #6: Dear “Leaders”

There is a good deal of “development” happening here in the state of Colorado, which is leading to a lot of upset locals who have been here for multiple generations. Even people who have been here for only a generation or are transplants from somewhere else are getting vocal about changes in the Denver Metro area.

The following is yet another statement from someone born and raised in the Mile High City. It is simply entitled Dear “Leaders”:

Dear “Leaders”

Recent ratifications of local gentrification is disheartening,

I’m not ticklish but I laugh at such capitalistic practices,

Do you really think “progress” will trickle down to you and me,

It only happens if you craft a plan of surviving hypocrisy.


For example, if you remove 90 percent of a budget meant for services,

And invest it in gimmicks and more pools,

Don’t be surprised when people protest your office’s existence,

It’s bigger than university nonsense if I’m speaking truth.


It’s the removal of neighborhoods that have existed for years,

Stop tryna play catch-up with other cities you consider peers,

I’m staring you down Denver, because you shouldn’t be serious,

Your planning skills with I-70 among others are bad ideas!


But forget listening to the public you serve, oh great leaders,

Inspirations of yours did the same, how’d that turn out for Caesar?

Or Napoleon, or any other celebrated dictators,

Don’t be surprised the Fall is real after your Rise, you instigators.



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