NaPoWriMo Poem #5: My Shot

After this piece, a break shall be taken from Hamilton-inspired pieces. However with this particular theme, it’s very much about deciding to take a shot for what one is trying to do with their life.

So, something along those lines might just be attempted below:

My Shot

Young, scrappy and hungry doesn’t begin to approach my levels,

I’m more imbalanced than car systems distorting bass and treble,

Rebel who pauses too much on what particular cause to follow today,

Relaying how to displaying frayed edges amongst the masses disengaged.


But how do I engage when I’m still shifting between growth and legacy?

Steadily barreling down multiple paths with harsh forks,

intent to not commit too much, my shortcomings now exposed,

But that’s the biggest problem faced today is admitting who you are in a way.


I could state facts that might equate racks to cash showers if I hydrate future flowers,

Or I could spiderweb this mirror with fears jeered back at me from moments I cower,

Devour the void and yet stuck in its nothingness at the same time.

My truth is I’m scared to succeed so I launch my thoughts via rhyme.


Could this be the moment where I catapult past the crass undertones of doubt,

Where I push through other’s expectations as well as reconnect myself to the ground,

Because I have a feeling that this cyclical violence eventually has to come to an end,

It might be time to sign its death warrant with my weaponized pad and pen.


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