NaPoWriMo poem #10: Intro to Retro

This one is a piece I had actually recorded for a compilation album that never ended up happening. So I re-recorded the piece as a rhyme, one that I think you might just enjoy. Check below to rap along to the recording at the bottom of the page:

Intro to Retro

I’ma keep my rhyme alive and let the flow go,

Battering the vultures only verbally though,

Those kinds of birds only feed on culture,

So my mic game will expel all repugnance,


I’ma Sojourner all these industry weirdos,

The spirit of Hip Hop honors true flow,

Checkin’ egos everywhere outside of Aleppo,

Humbled quickly when hurt through no fault of your own,


How many times must we kill for a profit,

Or let special interests dictate via pockets,

Blah Blah, BLAH BLAH, I’ll say it all again,

It’s become obvious the right people aren’t listening,


So what needs to be changed well that starts with you,

It might’ve been said by KRS but today it still rings true,

You’re the solution to your problem to,

Be a weapon or a tool, which one are you?


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