NaPoWriMo poem #14: Same Nonsense, Less Conscious

Figuring out what to write about was hard for a few minutes, until I reminded myself what’s going on in the news this weekend. Lots of reference material there, unfortunately:

Same nonsense, less conscious

Oh I’m sorry I helped out the local economy,

not a chain either but an established locality,

well go ahead already and unleash the full metal,

thought you were an alchemist but I just see a kettle,


Meddling in things not related to you,

why does that sound so familiar,

almost like a supposed “diplomatic” figure,

about as diplomatic as a muppet worth billions,


Please forgive me Jim Henson,

your beloved creations are such a tool to spring,

almost the same way a potus doll,

has been getting yanked by the string,


To commit diabolical acts only bent on profit,

if humanitarian efforts were the focus,

exist would not, all these disasters,

staggering nonsense no longer surprising, but still… it makes me exhausted


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