NaPoWriMo poem #15: Time always wins

There is a kind of groove you get into when you start writing on a consistent basis…and  said groove is nearly within reach.

Figuring out different topics to write about that are not only different for this year’s iteration but from previous entries is tough, but worth the challenge.

Tonight’s piece is oddly enough inspired by death and life.

Time always wins

Whether you’re a R. Lee Ermey or a Paul Walker

newsflash ya can’t keep flowing out water,

eventually it’s just gases and nutrients to the dirt,

hurt by reality then it might be time for the absurd,


I’ve repeated the same mistakes and gave time a head start,

I think I’m learning lessons and how to tell apart,

the hype from the admiration,

the enjoyment from the dread


Eventually we’ll all be coffin buddies anyway kickin’ it dead,

wed to spread the lead no more,

only to expand on theories galore,

like if you enjoy these breaths than it won’t hurt when you have no more


Explore what’s unknown because travel is the enemy of complacency

I’m betrothed to the road with my pen and pad ya see,

dreams only become reality when you’re fully living instead,

time always wins since we’re all pre-booked to join the dead.




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