NaPoWriMo poem #16: Absurdity

It’s the middle of the month, there is a lot to do, and sometimes you just gotta take a break and write some odd stuff.

That’s what the past two days have felt like as other projects have been quite draining.

Luckily this is a nice stress relief, if you haven’t been able to tell from the random pent-up energy presented below.


Ever find yourself sitting there like

what exactly am I doing?

Gotta take just a second to navigate

how to go about proving


I’m better than advertised

relatable beyond all measures of compromise,

I’m vouched for in different dimensions

and I’m not even elevated with substance high


Math equation memes forming all of your dreams,

I’m dependent on my formulation of exacting steam,

via aggravated antiquated expectations,

laissez faire isn’t a good sensation,


I’m dedicated to dismembering assumptions of word,

basically you’re understanding of me is absurd,

I write to highlight my city’s environment,

if you’re all-knowing about it all then why even question it?



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