NaPoWriMo poem #28: In The Moment

Planning ahead and reflecting on the past are two ways to learn from previous failures and successes, while also working to implement improvements from said lessons.

However, living in the right here and now, “in the moment” as some say, is also important. It ideally helps one to see how things as they are right now. It also requires you to pay attention to your surroundings (both people and places) so you can absorb what’s happening.

I think it’s harder to do than most of us realize, which is why we always reach for our phones or talk about something from the past that both parties in a conversation can commiserate about.

In The Moment

Looking around can be lonely and exhilarating at the same time.

A room full of people you’ve never encountered before

offer up an opportunity you might never have again.

To figure out how others function.

To figure out how you function.

To start to understand what is happening right NOW.

Right now is not an easy thing to accept,

because at parties you and I are dialed into our phones

but more importantly,

We’re connected to feeling safe and comfortable.

Sure, it’s hard to deny people some form of comfort

in a very uncomfortable world.

However, how do you ever gain new pieces of yourself,

and contribute new fragments to others by

staying in your inebriated bubble?

A bubble you and I might hiccup into existence because

liquid courage is the only way to ask

what you really want to know,

discuss what is not supposed to be accepted dinner table talk,

and tell truths in the moment

tomorrow you might claim as lie.

Why is it so hard to be in the moment?

I’m about planning and scheming as much as the next person,

but why is discomfort such a comfort

that we convert ourselves to

artificial intelligence, discussing what’s expected with

little room for learning new things and

working on growing right now?

Try to be in this moment.

Try to actually be yourself.

I guarantee more people will want to be friends

with the real you,

Will want to learn together with you

in challenging situations,

and will be so open to exchanging those

tidbits with you,

that you can disseminate them with your peoples

to solder together a new image.

An image that represents the picture

you’ve had hanging in your head

since you can remember.


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