NaPoWriMo poem #29: What’s Next

While it might seem odd to post a track kind of opposing poem 28’s message, it still is important to plan for the future.

What’s Next

Graduation is here,

so that means I must be done.

End of the game never hints at what’s next

after the credits are run.


I faced this once before,

didn’t create what I wanted to,

worked an evil job no one would ever willingly choose,

I can’t do that again,


I have to begin pounding pavement

and shaking these rims,

dunking on anxiety,

crossing over all doubt,

perhaps sports metaphors are how

I cope what I’m about,


Either way it’s time to play,

scrimmage is now over with and done.

Dreams are to be chased in this moment,

and tomorrow and continuing on.



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