Denver Bites! Episode 4: Boulder Edition

Edited, Produced, and Written by Daniel Paiz

This is the first Denver Bites! episode that will feature someone not in Denver. Kind of different, but definitely worth your time.

With the 2018 Midterm elections finally over after months and months (…and MONTHS) of advertisements everywhere, it’s nice to be able to take a moment and breathe.


Inhale. Exhale. Okay, so after an election it’s important to find out more about those who have recently been elected.

Here is an opportunity to learn about an important position not everyone might think about: the county clerk and recorder’s office.

Meet Boulder County’s Clerk and Recorder-Elect

After nearly a decade of being involved in numerous issues across Boulder and Colorado, Molly Fitzpatrick decided to run for office.

It wasn’t something she really saw herself doing, but she’ll see over the next four years how her experience and passion will benefit the voters of Boulder County.

And how, our feature presentation…

Below is episode 4 of Denver Bites! Boulder Edition. Make sure to check out previous episodes here, and enjoy hearing about Molly’s journey from involvement at a young age up until now:


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